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Married at Sight Season 6 Reviews! (Episode 1)

For several seasons I've been watching the wildly popular show Married at First Sight. If you don't know what it is, here's a brief synopsis: Married at First Sight is an experiment where singles go through extensive psychological and sociological tests and interviews for the hopes of being matched with someone to be married. Here's the twist though....neither person meets or sees each other until they walk down the aisle and meet at the altar.

They are then first sight (see what I did there) and they're whisked off to their reception, first night together as a married couple, and honeymoon. Throughout the season, you are able to see their ups and downs as they navigate through normal married experiences (combining finances, looking for a new home, setting boundaries, family dynamics, etc.). What makes this intense is that they are doing all of this (which can be stressful in general) with barely knowing each other.

Every season I yell all my opinions at the tv like anyone can hear me, so I decided to do a weekly review to share my personal and professional thoughts. Each week I will be providing my review here, so check it out stay tuned!

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