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In the wrong place, at the right time

So I'm going to meet my friend for dinner and parking downtown is a nightmare. I see an open space on the opposite side of the street. I make the quickest u-turn in life and park in the spot immediately. Giving myself silent high-fives, I'm beaming that I was able to do that as quickly as I did without running something or someone over.

I spend over 5 minutes digging through my purse looking for the scraps of change that I eventually find that still don't quite amount to more than 25 minutes. I hop out (bc I'm running late of course) and proceed to putting the change into the meter. As I walked away, I saw that the ONE parking spot that I had chosen, was "15 minutes only."

It's swelteringly hot out here. In order to avoid being hauled off to the asylum, I keep my tantrum on the inside of me and proceed to get back into the car to look for another spot....again.

This time, right as I was driving by the restaurant, a spot opened directly in front of the door. Of course I immediately put on my signal to mark my territory on that spot. As I sat there, I thought about how significant this experience was, even though it was very simple.

When I was rushing to that first spot, I was disappointed by the time I seemingly wasted because it wasn't the right spot, and I still had to go searching. However, when I really looked at it, had I not been in the wrong spot for the amount of time that I was, I wouldn't have been in the place to get the right and much better spot.

Moral of the story: what may seem like a delay is actually the perfect timing for you to get to where you need to be. God may be having you circle around right now and though it may appear aimless, He is buying you the time to get to where you need to be and where He wants you to be according to His timing. In the meantime, get your change right so that you can hop out and be ready for your perfect place!

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